Hold Down the West

Anybody who knows me, knows I’m an American football junkie. You would also know that, although growing up a NY Jets fan, my allegiance shifted to the Seattle Seahawks back when I moved to Vegas. Two Super Bowl appearances and one ring later, the Hawks find themselves yet again the winners of the NFC West and playoff bound for the fifth year in a row!! 

(Side note: What did you think of last night’s uniforms?)

I will now hand it over to the crew at The Undefeated to elaborate: What Had Happened Was

2016 We’re Out

What’s up y’all! As we’re entering 2017, I (like many of you) am taking a look back at where I’ve been, what I’ve done, who we rocked with and who we rolled with 😉 

I’m planning to get back to this website and blogging much more for the future. So I’ve deleted ALL my old posts and I’m starting fresh with this one:

2017 Ahead – entering my first year as a dad. Actually I’m taking BK on the road with me in January! I’m kicking off the year in Managua, Nicaragua for a huge NYE celebration. Following that up with a few weeks in Europe where I’ll be playing Zurich (my second home), Madrid (my third home) — have I mentioned my restaurant there? It’s called No Mames which just celebrated it’s one year anniversary yesterday, go check it out when you visit — and in and around Switzerland and Germany including the hip-hop stage at the Winterbeats festival January 14th.

Ok so there’s some tour news, the not so secret dad news… what else? Oh I heard Soundcloud is letting DJ’s publish mixes again. That’s good news, although most of us have found other medium to share our sets. I wonder how this will play out? That said, I will be re-publishing some mixes on – and you can stream them there or on my website. Speaking of… big shout out to my man DJ Klutch who put a lot of people on notice this week about their mixes. I for one am guilty of it to some extent. He talked about how restricted we are in the clubs, but that we have limitless freedom to express our interests and talent on the mixtape/podcast/bedroom session/whatever. I say we all get behind that movement. Be original. And listeners, please understand, it used to be our job to bring you new content and new sounds. It’s our underlying passion so I hope you’re willing to go along for the ride, and don’t only subscribe to streams of the top 20 mixes remixed a thousand times over!

Ok I guess that’s it for catch up today. Like I said, I’m hoping to get into the blog this year. As long as you don’t mind a lot of baby talk mixed in.